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Rainer is fascinated by the human body, the classis theme of artistic expression and struggle, depicted in all shapes, materials and mediums since the existence of mankind.


Rainer's sculpture capture the human body in motion - a freeze frame of classic, timeless gestures and emotions. The sculptures are both ethereal and concrete.


The forms he creates are how one imagines Nureyev or Baryshnikov would look in mid-flight.Rainer uses hollow steel squares to sculpt the human form, creating works that elicit both the strength and the delicacy of the body.


Each square represents the trials and tribulations of life; the four corners are the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of human being.The hollow squares strip away distractions, leaving a powerful vision and exploration of the human body, adding an element of mystery and abstraction.


With all of Rainer's sculptures there is a secondary layer of beauty, abstraction and mystery.

When darkness falls and the light come on, the exquisite shadows of form, squares, body and spirit cast themselves upon the walls creating a second sculpture of light and shadow.


© 2023 Galerie Gantois

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